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Copywriting for Canada’s favourite
food delivery app.

SkipTheDishes is Canada’s market leader in food delivery, delivering nearly 10 million orders coast to coast every month.

Working in-house, I wrote copy and concepts in collaboration with a hungry creative team to develop marketing creative, internal communications, and app-focused work. 

Work that speaks order volume.

Getting local food is easy. Advertising local food takes
a lot of headlines.

Partnering with both local
and national brands for short promotions, these in-app billboards are unique to many of the 100 areas Skip serves.
And always bilingual.

It’s a key format of the
Skip brand and it’s where
we express a lot of our
brand voice.

Riding a summer wave.


Create a summer style for Skip that invites Canadians savour
summer moments.


Our copy and design system speaks to both uniquely summer occasions and food while having a whole lot of fun.

Introducing Skip Rewards.


Launch Skip’s new rewards program to every one of our users. Educate them on how it works and the benefits of earning points.


When you rack up points with Skip Rewards, you’ll feel like a boss. Our headlines and talent give off a swagger that can only come from free food.

Giving couriers a training fast track.

This is Skip’s courier blog, The Inside Track.

It’s a place for rich coaching content and helpful information. It’s also the final stop in our courier content marketing journey.

During COVID, these articles played a key role in disseminating safety best-practices and support information.

Delivering a taste of the World Juniors Hockey Championship.


Make delivery part of Canada’s hockey obsession with our World Juniors partnership.


Copy and hockey lead the way in this simple, hard hitting campaign. A digital series of matching luggage accompanied the TV spot pictured here.

Celebrating Skip’s Canadian roots with a guy from St. Louis?


Create a social-first campaign to communicate new user benefits that match Skip’s hit TV spot with Jon Hamm. 


From script to production, no detail was missed in re-creating Jon Hamm’s cozy cabin vibe — fully stocked by Skip, of course.